The Worthy pride

Many years ago, I was in Rigasa-Kaduna state. I was with my best friend name Khaleed. It was on Saturday, khaleed and I went to play with kites. His kite was new and painted in green white green color. Then I asked him ‘’why do you chose this dull coloured kite? He sadly replied to me ‘’ look, this kite represent my country and that’s my pride. I laughed and we moved on. After a few minute of flying, his kite thread cut looseand even though it is far from us, he shouted’’ my pride never fall’’ and he then started to chase toward it direction. Khaleed was fast and before the kite reach to the ground, he jumped and caught it. Regrettably, khaleed get hit by a train as he was trying to catch some breath standing on it track. He was then rushed to Aman clinic( aman medical care servie) – rigasa, stunned and unconcious for two days. When khaleed waked up, he ask his mother for me and I went there. He spoke ‘’ Sadiq, I hope my pride didn’t touch the ground’’. With mist in my eyes and

Short of King.

Once upon a time, there’s a small town named bollago. This town, had a very superior king lives with his two wives, and two sons’, one each from the wives. Reeman and iyman are the son’s names, Reeman is oldest and good habit= while iyman is the opposite.  Reeman is a very respectful, honest, handsome man which every girl in the town wants to be with, not because he is from royal family but because how nice he is to the people of the town. Everyone loves him, the young, old, men and women.  Upon all the loving he is getting from the people, there is two people who doesn’t even like him, that is, Iyman and his mother.  And all their thinking was, the king is getting old and if he passes, Reeman is going to take the throne and they are eventually going to leave the castle as their constitution rules. One evening, is iyman’s mother to serve the king with his dinner. So she plans to poisons the food to kill both the king and Reeman, since the she knew the king doesn’t eat h


BROKEN      OK, you can leave.' Aisha couldn't take her eyes off his body till he slammed the door and left to his office. The Tom-Tom mint that escapes with his breath when he talks, the cheerful looks that made a smiling festival on his face and the fruity fragrance coming out from him that made him scent as if he was a marigold were the only memories he left with Aisha. Maybe he was the sole reason she called for three consecutive meetings in the company in just a month.      In the morning I woke up  the morning rubbing my eyes, squinting at the harsh sunlight coming through the curtains. I immediately sit up in my bed turning to my alarm clock. *7:59* reads the clock. I can’t believe i slept through my alarm, darting my eyes to my closet immediately deciding on what to wear, I finally settled on the purple boubou and its matching veil; perfect! I know he will like it, it’s one of my favorites too. As he set his eyes on me, his deep dimple showed as he smiled, his cold


3 WHATSAPP LATEST FEATURES 2019 Since every year we see changes in so many social media platform, this year too we expect a huge and massive changes on platform like Whatsapp. Here are some of the features we may likely to see on whatsapp. Fingerprint security scan: Whatsapp has already give the security needed with peer to peer encryption which is allowing only the chatting user to have access to their messages. Furthermore, the security may even get tighter as some peak rumors suggest Whatsapp is adding fingerprint scan security. So with that anytime you like to access your messages, Whatsapp will ask you for your fingerprint every time. Night mode: It has taken long since Whatsapp supposed to have add night mode to it program. Which gives user a better experience at night by giving a minimum light required so that user’s eyes won’t get hurt, for looking at the light for too long at the dark will gradually destroy our eyesight. Unfortunately, we didn’t get tha

In my dreams

If I sight you in my dreams I’ll swim with you in a stream To even share my only cream. If I lose my sight to a light My heart will stand to fight Till my flag wave as a kite. If my soul conceives to a faith I’ll like it to give birth to an interfaith So that morality can be our greatest trust. If I find myself in the past I’ll only try casting life to ever last For there’s nothing more than 2 in 1 heart

Feeling overthrown.

As burden overthrown faith of hope The cloud runs red seeking for refuge  Fear cut deeper, fear realm tower. My voice is gone My sight is gunned Left with only unchain hope. The angels lost their ways As darkness kiss with jail Left only no one to tell. Mother licks needle Father choke to whirring Lichen the road to heart Rising sun stabbed with axe of hill Will it crumble in sea of blood or? Land in the forest of serenity?